October 23, 2014

Thursday again :-)

It has been a week and its only Thursday. Fun how that works!

Tuesday was a fast & furious competition at Davis HS. SFHS placed 3rd again! Many people would be disappointed in a 3rd place finish but our division is huge (9-11 groups, depending on the competition) and SF hasnt placed or won any awards in at least 4 years. Clint is doing a great job with the band program. We have another comp Saturday at Pleasant Grove and then we'll be in St. George for state championships next Thursday-Saturday. It has been the best season yet and has gone really fast and slow all at the same time.

Who in the world thought producing 68 oz of milk each day would be easy? Probably only people who've never tried. Breastfeeding and producing milk for one is rough- for two? Extremely difficult and currently impossible.

Evie has discovered and fallen in love with her feet! Its pretty adorable to see her grab on and rock back and forth with them. We still dont have night sleepers. I'm still in a perpetual state of exhaustion. I really feel like i haven't had a night of decent sleep in a year. Obviously the worst of it has been in the last 5 months but wow. Sophie really spoiled us sleeping long stretches so early! I'm likely going on the band trip without children next week so maybe I can get some sleep then. (I don't think many people would consider a field trip with a bunch of teenagers a place to get some rest!) Craig left for 4 days and 3 nights, I'll be gone for less than 2 days. I'm not feeling badly about it at all! :-)

After breakfast, Sophie announced she wanted to read and wanted to know when she would learn. After lunch, she pointed out the words "go" and "dog" in a book. I guess sight words are going to be reintroduced before her 4th birthday. If she keeps going like this, I'm going to be extremely disappointed if we can't find a school that will take her next year. (She'll be 4 until December).

Olivia has become aware of letters and is loving pointing out "O" for Olivia everywhere. She's quite the little sponge who likes to ask "why" and do things all by herself. I really need to be better about encouraging the potty training since she doesn't have accidents when we're home and she doesn't have pants on. She's good about using her "practice potty" away from home, too. Maybe lazy mommy should get back on that before Olivia decides she doesn't want to use the potty.

In my act-of-defiance for the week, I decided to skip housework and sit down and rest. Too bad I waited so long! It's 2:03 and I need to get all of the girls up and to band in the next 55 minutes. I suppose I should pump for a few more minutes then get everyone going.

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