February 11, 2013

Olivia is 8 Months!

Demolishing a biscuit
Olivia- someday you'll probably read through the posts (in book form, of course) of your big sister's first year and then wonder why you haven't gotten a post-a-month, too. Well, the answer is simple: Sophie didn't have a big sister to play with and we have spent LOTS of time since you joined us playing with sissy, mommy, daddy, cousins, grandma's, grandpa's and so many friends who love you. You've also gone on trips (Seattle to meet your great grandma and grandpa Nasson), tried "exotic" foods and so much more. We have lots of pictures and videos (many more videos than we did of your big sister) that we're hoping to have stories written with but mommy and daddy are human and can't do everything. And honestly, we would much rather spend our time WITH you. We love you and your big sissy, Sophie, lots and lots!

 Daddy has written some things about you for this month: 

Livi loves helping with
laundry- especially when
it's clean and warm!
So Olivia just turned 8 months old yesterday, and she is getting some attitude. Just about anything you put in front of her will go straight into her mouth, which is both good and bad. The good news is that she is putting on weight really well. Her and big sister have been sharing diapers for some time now, but Livie is really starting to chunk up to fill them. She loves pretty much any food we put in her mouth, but she particularly enjoys shredding Mommy's biscuits, or really anything else she can make a big mess of. She is a really good sitter, and is usually content to just sit and play. She loves her exer-saucer and her big sister. Daddy loves to come home and see her big smile all of the time. She is a pretty easy-going baby, and never cries for very long, unless you put her down. But why would you ever want to?

Sissy (sister) playtime
She is finally sleeping (almost) all the way through the night, and always wakes up happy. When you go into her room and she sees you, she gets the biggest smile you've ever seen and kicks her feet so hard her whole crib shakes. She went on her first train ride with Mommy and Daddy and Sophie this month. We all went on the new FrontRunner line from Provo to Lehi and back. Olivia seemed to enjoy it, but big sister got a bit scared.

Nap time is really Sesame Street
 play time
Olivia enjoys playing with Sophie- especially during what is suppose to be nap time. Sometimes Sophie still doesn't understand how to share but she is generally very good about making sure Olivia has some toy or another in her hand. Recently, Sophie has taken to sneaking out of her room during nap time and climbing in Olivia's crib with her. We hear "cah-boo!" (peek-a-boo), giggles, laughs and very recently, Sophie has started singing "oooo, snuggle wivvy of mine, *gibberish* fine! I wuv yoooou!" Which Olivia just eats up.

They love double carts!
Home Depot is especially fun
with your sister and a crazy
daddy driver!