December 31, 2009

New year, new husband, new adventures, new blog!

Can I just share how intimidating it is to sit in front of a blank screen and think about the things people are expecting you to write? I can't possible imagine what anyone would like to read about. So I apologize if this bores you, but you know where the escape button is. :D

Craig and I have been married for 37 days as of today, 31 December. It's pretty amazing to think that we were ever single. The married life so far has just flowed so naturally. Now, don't assume this means we haven't allowed our naturally stubborn personalities to shine through, oh, we have. But what I mean is, it has been great to transition so smoothly from me-hood to we-hood. Surprisingly, living with a boy ain't that bad!

Perhaps I should rewind a tad and talk about the wedding day. (Please forgive me, but I imagine for a while I'll be back-tracking and posting on such things as when Craig proposed, adventures with my brother, teaching guard etc.) Anyway, I digress and will continue to do so. The wedding day.

Craig and I left for Connecticut the Thursday morning before we got married. I thought those few days would be great! Away from school, back home spending time with my family etc. Well, it sort of played out that way. We spent Friday morning driving to Mass to get a marriage license which, judging by the website, was going to require more than the typical drivers licenses, social security cards etc. In reality, we wrote our names, ages and ssn and that was it!! Luckily, we were prepared to give our great-great-grandmothers blood type should that have been required.

Saturday we went to cheer on the Canton High School Warrior football team- in it's second year of existence since the 60's. My little brother, Jeffrey, is the senior kicker for the team. He holds all of the high school kicking records as well as a state one or two. Personally, I don't think a 57 yard field goal is too shabby for a 17 year old.

Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of speaking in my home ward for the last time. I was not pleased about it seeing as I didn't think my dad was serious when he told me about it at Brick Oven in October. We spent the afternoon eating and resting. Two Nasson family Sunday favorites! That evening, the sisters in my ward threw me a bridal shower that was enjoyable until a few light-hearted jokes turned into a bit of a husband-bashing fest. I was happy to return home and find my big sister, Kristin, and my niece, Gabby, there!

Monday- yeah, about that. I don't really remember much of what happened on Monday. I did some bridal pictures with a friend in my ward who is building her photography portfolio. She is a very talented photographer. Check her out at:
Hmm. We went to dinner with Craig's parents at Bertuccis, Craig and I ran a few errands (one of which left me crying in the aisle of a Micheals- most of the time those would be tears of joy in the ribbon section, but not this night) and then I left him with his parents. My friend, Elizabeth, flew in at midnight so I waited up to collect her. It was 1:30 before we called it a night.

Tuesday- ooooh Tuesday. So, this is--in my humble opinion as co-star of the day--the most exciting part of the whole story. My family all woke up that morning (including me!) with a nasty case of the flu/swine flu. I hope that pig was turned into off-brand bacon! Anyway, everyone was so sick they couldn't even get out of bed. Me? I had no choice. I had a hair appointment at 8:00. I put some clothes on (sort of) and had to drive myself there. I then proceeded to be ill at the salon. Clair- our wonderful photographer- got me some sprite. (Which came up later). I then ran home, collected my bags and left for the two plus hour ride to the temple. I felt alright as long as I didn't move, didn't think and no one looked at me.

We did get there, found people who were supposed to be joining us and then Craig went to pull out our recommends- he had his, but not mine. I then felt ill again and excused myself with gusto. Craig's dad found the recommend outside the temple door in a puddle. (Did I mention is was over-cast, as well? EXCELLENT photography lighting!!) We got in, I was the only bride of the day and we had the entire room to ourselves. Getting laced into my dress was particularly comfortable. But then it was all okay. We were taken upstairs together and it was wonderful. After a few things, we were able to just sit in the celestial room together for a few minutes. Of course, we ran into someone I knew! Sister Collette was there and got to meet Craig. I am so glad we decided to get married in Boston. The sealing was wonderful but over so fast! I'm sure you're as done reading this as I am typing. Next post: reception drama, prescription anti-nausea meds that left me dead to the world for nearly an entire day and so much more!

Stay tuned...