December 19, 2010

Sophie's First Dress

It's pretty easy to have a lots of firsts when you're only 12 days old. Sophie had a few firsts today- first day to church, first real bath (her cord fell off yesterday)- but the most important being that she got to wear her first dress!

As the pictures show, she had a darling red, smocked, fluffy Christmas dress. She had a giant red flower headband on for a while, but daddy and grandpa both protested enough that I just took it off. (Don't expect that to happen again soon!) She also got to wear her little white "ruffle bum" tights and lacy white shoes that were given to her by her great aunt Linda (thanks, Linda!!). She looked darling!

...Sorry for the odd picture placement. I still haven't really gotten the hang of placing multiple pictures in my blog aesthetically. I think I really just need a photo album!

December 18, 2010


Just a little update this morning. To begin with, we're in Connecticut! We left early afternoon on Thursday- about two hours after my last final. On the way to the airport, we got stuck in the crazy traffic on I-15 north that was caused by the semi/5 car accident. Thankfully, Craig's dad knew some other routes other than the interstate to get us around the traffic and to the airport exactly 1 hour before our flight. Craig was concerned about us hauling a baby, baby car seat, three checked bags, a rolling carry on, diaper bag and large backpack through the airport. He obviously has NO sense of adventure! Instead of attempting that, we used skycap even got our boarding passes (including Sophie's) right outside of the car. Amazing? I think so. I have been pretty apprehensive about going through security as I have a pretty strong opinion about TSA's new equipment and screening procedures. Craig was just worried about getting through in time. Luckily, neither one of us had any reason to worry about anything. We didn't have to wait in line (there really wasn't one!), no one harassed me about having a baby, no one harassed Craig about his request to have the formula and milk examined rather than be x-rayed and surprisingly enough, the TSA employees were actually as helpful as they were allowed to be.

The biggest bump in our day came in the form of some slight delays in and out of Denver but even those weren't bad. Sophie didn't have any problems flying. She wasn't interested in being woken up to suck on her pacifier or anything during take off and landing. In fact, she was perfectly content to just be snuggled the entire trip. We did get a mild little fuss out of her when we were changing her diaper on our laps- she doesn't appreciate cold wipes on her little behind, but really, who does?

We are now settled in and attempting to get caught up on some sleep while grandma spends some time with little miss Sophie.

December 13, 2010

A small miracle!

Okay, I know that having a baby is the real miracle but I just had a little, tiny mood boost. I took a risk and tried slipping on a pair of jeans. I own exactly two pairs. One pair is a size two "skinny jean." I'm not dumb enough to attempt anything that has the word "skinny" in it for a while. The other pair is a size four Banana Republic pair that my mom and I got on SUPER clearance ($15) years ago. Guess what? They fit! So what if they don't quite zip up all the way-that's what belts are for, right? I'm wearing jeans! That is all. Carry on.

December 10, 2010

My very own little princess

I love being a mommy. Hormones and all. I never really imagined I could fall so madly in love with someone- a very small someone- so quickly and hopelessly. She is everything I dreamed of and then oh so much more! I could just snuggle with her all day! (Wait... that's what I've been doing. Hmmm...). Oh, for those who have requested more pictures, below is a link & password to a couple professional ones that were taken at the hospital yesterday. Still not enough? Don't worry- we have nearly 100 on my computer already! I am doing my best to resist the urge to post every single picture we have of our darling little miracle.


Password: 1207sophiepeterson

December 7, 2010


The birth of baby 
Sophie Brooke Peterson!

7 December 2010 at 6:25 pm at American Fork Hospital

7 pounds, 12 ounces (exactly the same as mommy!)

Length: 19 Inches

December 5, 2010

Another Sunday

It's another Sunday night. I usually have something exciting to report on or a story to tell or pictures of something exciting the share on Sunday. I suppose I have a couple fun little things! Last night Craig and I had a chocolate fest in the kitchen. At one point, grandpa came out and just stared in astonishment at the amount of chocolate, sugar, crushed toppings etc. on the counter. The look was priceless. Craig will be posting about that later. (By the way, the name of my blog had to change before he would even consider posting here, in case you were wondering about the name change.)

Today, I played with my new toy and Christmas present from Craig. He gave me a fabulous Cricut and I have been thoroughly enjoying it! Yes, I know what you're thinking. "That's not fair! It's not Christmas!" BUT it has been helping keep me occupied and happily creating fun little tags and projects for Christmas. It's getting some good use. Today I made tags to go on the treat plates we're going to be taking to the neighbors tomorrow during our FHE.

Grandpa went to get the mail yesterday and came back home with a large bag of apples. He explained that the neighborhood gift exchange had begun. I was planning on making small loaves of pumpkin bread (mmmm I love pumpkin bread!) and wrapping them in some festive Christmas fabric but a very kind, loving husband of mine didn't realize that when he used 5 eggs to make french toast for brunch today he had made it impossible for me to make the bread. (I was then short 5 eggs.)  Instead, we made several dozen muffins from scratch (banana nut, apple oat & apple cinnamon). I will be buying more bananas tomorrow. I forgot how yummy & satisfying a warm, homemade b-nut muffin is!

Because I'm pretty certain (ha- don't get too excited) we're going to have a baby this week, I wanted to take Erin, Grant, Bryan, Andrew, David & Craig's family their Christmas presents today. Being that we're still in school, our budget wasn't big but I was excited about the thought and effort that had gone into the gifts. Andrew James was soo stinking fun to watch! He got so excited about opening his present and then playing with it (we got him and David an art easel and chalk to share). Bryan got a giant bag of something that "doesn't taste bad." Can't beat that! Erin & Grant were very generous and gave Craig a new tool which is going to help him successfully finish his project that is due this week. Our little baby now has sheets for her sleeper and I have a way to both make a mess (an accessory for my new Cricut) and organize it!

For Craig's parents, we put together a wedding book with TONS of pictures- something his mom has been requesting for a while. (We didn't even get them until just a few months ago!!) With our chocolate party last night, we also put together some tins of peppermint bark and assorted truffles for his brother, Kirk, and his parents. We may have sampled a few while we were making them- Yummy!

December 4, 2010

A rather frustrating Friday

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a few things that really ought not be messed with. One is chocolate. The other is my schedule. Sometimes things need to be rearranged, changed or entirely done away with from time to time, that's fine. It happens. But when you have been planning for weeks to have something major happen like, oh, have a baby, on a certain day and then you don't, that is just totally un-cool. I have been on the schedule both with my doctor (the only one on her list) and the hospital (only 4th in line of a bunch) for several weeks to be induced. I've been slowly but surely progressing towards labor, been getting increasingly uncomfortable, don't enjoy the contractions (I guess you're not really supposed to but lets just say they've gotten old) and am about to lose it over the number of people who are constantly nagging me about when i'm going to "pop" or why can't they "see their baby yet?" I'm not even going into all of the unsolicited advice that continues to flood in.  Really, it's enough to drive anyone nuts.

I guess what I'm saying is that yesterday was really just the proverbial cherry on top.  We had to keep our entire day wide open since we could expect a call any moment telling us to come in and if we weren't there within a short time our spot would be given to someone else and we'd be put at the end of the list. As such, Craig couldn't go to work since he works too far away. I couldn't go to class- the one day this week that I actually had the energy to go- because if they called, I wouldn't have cell service. So, I missed my 5th day of class this semester, Craig went a bit short on hours and we don't have our baby.  Wondering when we found out for certain we wouldn't be going in? That would be after 6:00 last night. I got a call asking if I'd just like to be put on their list for next week- right in the middle of a final. Yes, that sounds PERFECT to me! By the way, there is no guarantee that we'll get in then, either. It's going to be the exact same thing as yesterday- keep the day entirely open. Don't go to work, don't go to class (or in my case, take a final) and just wait for a call.

Yes, I fully recognize the fact that I'm grumpy. Yes, our baby is fine where she is at the moment. Yes, we are incredibly thankful she's healthy and apparently comfortable. Sure, go ahead and even call me selfish for wanting to be induced at all (I've already heard it a few times.) Anyone who has been pregnant and been given a "stop-date" and then not had it happen likely understands exactly what I'm feeling. So, until she decides to come on her own- which at this pace won't be until January- or we actually get in, I'm off to do some more Christmas decorating and projects. Christmas lights on the bushes, here I come.