June 30, 2010

What a Rush!

Craig and I have recently returned from what has seemed like a marathon of Nasson-family events. I know it was meant to be vacation, but vacation and major life events just shouldn't coincide. At least not in our family where "major" just doesn't suffice!

I flew out after guard on the 15th and Craig then followed after his finals on the 17th. From there, our schedule looked something like this:

Friday the 18th:
*Picked up Elizabeth, who came down from her internship in NYC, in Hartford for Jeffrey's graduation and a weekend away.
*Jeffrey graduated from Canton High School- WOOHOO! Jeffrey currently holds many of the school and state records for kicking (football).

Saturday the 19th:
*All of us kids, plus Elizabeth and the nephews drove to Misquamicut, RI for a day at the beach. The air was warm and the water cold. It was great fun to see how long it took to go numb enough to enjoy the water.
*We had dinner at Sea Swirl- if you're a food network junkie like me, you'll know what that is

Sunday the 20th:
*Fathers Day! (Of course I forgot my present for Craig in Utah... grrrrrr!!!)
*Delicious steak dinner to celebrate both fathers day & Erins birthday- too bad eating beef isn't such a good idea right now
*Took Elizabeth back to Hartford to catch her shuttle back to the city

Monday the 21st:
*Erin, Grant & co left for a short little road trip of their own (Sesame Place in Penn, etc.)
*Mom & I spent nearly 9 hours (not nearly an exaggeration) attempting to find an outfit and shoes for mom. It was lots of fun to be out with just mom, but very sad that there really isn't much fashionable and functional this season
*Aunt Susan flew in from Arizona after 1:00 am

Tuesday the 22nd:
*The day was spent packing, wrapping items, washing and cleaning cars, playing legos (Andrew & Craig) and general insanity. Controlled, but insane.

Wednesday the 23rd:
*In true Nasson-Family style, we left about 3 hours late. There were a few kinks in the packing plan as you can really only fit so many items in one car. Seeing as we were taking EVERYTHING (down to the wedding dress and suit) to WV with us, there was very, very little room. Certain people took up way more than their fair share of luggage room.

Thursday the 24th:
*We got to meet our new nephew! Brendan James is just about the cutest little thing- and SO well behaved. I think we may have heard him cry a handful of times and that was only when he was hungry or needed a change.
*Craig & I were in charge of Gabby (7), Andrew Charles (7.5) and baby Brendan (3 mo) for the day. I had to fight Craig for some time with the baby.
*The other adults got things ready for the wedding- except dad & Bryan who went for a looong bike ride.
*Kristin's dress didn't fit

Friday the 25th:
*Wedding madness
*We had Brenden for the night- Erin took Gabby.  Craig was so good with him and even got up to feed him during the night (I still diapered)

Saturday the 26th
*We went and all walked around the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs.
*Got back to the hotel where we had Andrew take a "rest time" and we fell asleep.
*Spent the evening with the Zobrist's

Sunday the 27th:
*Baby blessing of Brenden James in the White Sulphur Springs ward- very little has changed there
*Drove to Monticello in VA (Thomas Jefferson's home)
*Left to drive home home (read Canton, Connecticut) around 7:30
*Drove through the night following thunderstorms

Monday the 28th:
*6:00 am Arrive at home
*7:45 got out of bed to pack
*1:15 left for the airport
*Midnight MST arrived at Utah home

 In case you can't quite tell from this extremely shortened version, it was a long, very busy trip. Many more blog postings to follow!