July 31, 2012


Sophie has been becoming much more aware of things and verbalizing that awareness lately. She has the sweetest little voice, too. I should really record it. One of her newer subjects and words is "ow." She got a nasty blister on her heel a couple weeks ago and it is still healing. For a while, she would sweetly say 'ow' while almost crying and point to it. It is much better now, though not entirely healed.

My hormones are doing their post-baby thing and I am the proud owner of a rather sore (and pretty nasty looking) zit on my chin. While sitting in bed today reading with Sophie, she pointed at it and said "ow!" and then pointed at her heel and said "ow" again. She looked very concerned during this little exchange. My sweet little girl seemed to recognize that I had an "ow" and empathized with my pain.

July 30, 2012


By 12:15 today I had been pooped, peed, snotted, spit up and thrown up on. I've also had the pleasure of cleaning up a dumped out diaper off of the carpet, bathing Sophie before 9:00 because she thought it would be fun to poke at what she had dumped out, Olivia needs a bath now that she has spit up and thrown up. I need one, too, but we'll see if that happens before Craig gets home. Did I also mention Sophie has only napped for an hour when she usually naps for 2 1/2- 3? 

At 12:18 today I got a(nother) phone call from a dental office in Springville asking me to come in for an interview for a dental assistant position. We have a couple ladies in our ward/neighborhood who work at this particular office and I happen to know they take good care of their employees. To say I wasn't tempted would be lying. This office called me last Friday, too. [Side note- I took them my resume and cover letter last Fall before we knew about Olivia joining us and after I had quit teaching at Maple Mountain.] Some days I really think Craig has the easier job. If nothing else, he has the less smelly job. I don't want to have a regular part-time job again (other than guard) until Olivia is older. Oh, well. I guess I'll just take the compliment and get on with the laundry, dishes and cleaning of carpets. At least I can see my BYU diploma where I'm folding clothes. 

July 28, 2012

MIA and a few little projects

So, it has been well over a month since I last posted anything. Oops. Things have been pretty busy around these parts. We have an (almost) 7 week old, my mom and brother have been in town (they go home tomorrow. Boo. They extended their trip by 5 days but I still wish they didn't have to go), Craig's entire family was in town for a time, I've gone back to teaching guard a few hours a week and life in general has been moving along. With everything that has happened in the last month or so, I've decided to post about topics for the next little while rather than trying to go back and "date" everything. Why? Because, frankly, a lot of it is a blur of being excessively tired, trying not to act as tired as I have felt, trying to keep up and have fun. And I can't remember when a lot of things happened.

For this post, I'm just going to share some "house project" pictures. As I've said many times before, I am much happier when I have something to work on and things for/in/around our house happen to be my favorite. A while ago, Craig told me to get a hobby. Projects ARE my hobby. Sorry, dude.

I "made" a car organizer. More like "repurposed/altered a used
door shoe holder I've had since I was a freshman." Either way,
I love having it. 
Sophie, our little helper. She enjoys the level (shown here) and the stud finder. 
Sophie's new craft nook in the kitchen. That
table was a Christmas present last year and
has been updated.
Andrew & Craig got to play with our new sander and
take all of the white paint off so I could
add the pink & yellow. It's now a chalkboard, too!
The picture wire is from IKEA, I built the knob board
and those cute tins are from Tai Pan and have
chalk, crayons and pencils in them. 

A standard (aka "boring"), plain bathroom mirror.
Craig obviously took this picture. I would
have put my swimsuit away before taking it.  
A beautiful (we think) mirror frame.
Craig & Andrew stained & cut the
wood before we hung it. (I took this one. My
swimsuit is put away.)

 The frame in the middle has all of our birth dates
 and the bottom says
"what a difference a day makes"
End of our upstairs hallway.
It would be a great spot for a
closet but it's just open. 
Upstairs hall. I am going to redo
the "family" vinyl. It didn't turn
out right. Pictures of our girls with clocks stopped at their birth time.
So, we decided to put shelves in!
This is only two but we're going
to do 5.