September 28, 2011

One year older...

Wiser, too? Naw. While sitting in my advanced foods class today, I started thinking about all of the things that have happened since my birthday last year. A lot has happened. A few highlights:

- Had a baby (big enough event for you?)
- Started my catering business (it's getting busier every day!)
- Worked as a dental assistant
- Quit teaching guard
- Craig changed jobs
- Bought our first home which is pretty darn close to being our dream home
- Moved into said house

I'm 24 today. That's sort of intimidating. Enough random thoughts. I'm going to attack my foods project while Sophie is still napping. Craig and I are going on a date tonight and I don't want to have to worry about homework when we should be having fun :)

September 16, 2011

Where in the world are the Nastersons?

Well, all over, actually.

It has been just over two weeks since my last post but it seems like oh-so-much more. I have some papers to write and such so I'm just going to highlight some events that have occurred so I don't get too terribly far behind.

  • Completed my very last week of BYU Cougar Marching Band band camp in the guard. *sniff* 
  • Planned & catered my very first full wedding luncheon - complete with new hires
  • Started my last semester at BYU (I know I've said that before, but it's true this time)
  • Found out my financial aid was not going to be dispersed with my few credit hours. Had to add another 3 credits so now I'm taking advanced foods. Fun, yes. Full of silly busy work? Yes. 
  • Received financial aid. WOO!
  • Found and hired a nanny. No, a manny. We'll write more about that later but I'm just glad that we won't have to deal with any (more) girl drama. There are enough girls in this house, don't need anymore. 
  • Craig was offered a new job and accepted. I'm excited that he'll be working with one of his favorite mentors and friend. I'm ever-so-slightly irritated that this will be the 4th health insurance plan we'll be on this year. But I'm just so glad we HAVE great insurance!
  • We had a booth at The Bridal Fair last weekend at PHS. It was a full adventure that really deserves an entire post. For now I'll just say that without the amazingly amazing help (is there a stronger word than help?) of Ashlee Chatterton and Amy Hill, there is no way I could have done it. 
  • Said catering business is now booming! 
  • And most recently, my sister, Erin, had her baby on Wednesday! A boy they have named Tyler. 
Now time to write a rhetorical analysis about a conference talk.