November 4, 2014

Just a few notes.

-Halloween week was fun. The big girls enjoyed dressing up- An Intergalactic Ice Queen (Ambassador Troi from Star Trek TNG) and Dorothy- and the babies tolerated it. They were my flying monkeys and I was the wicked witch. Totally fitting. Sophie. Got to wear her costume to ballet class and had a ball doing that. I was in St. George for the state marching band competition on Halloween so they went to errands and had a fun evening with the cousins.

- The last competition of the season was a great one. Wasn't our best performance but the band got 1st in musical performance and 2nd in music general effect. I'm quite proud to be working with this group. Up next: winter guard 2015.

- Babies are 5 months! Still not sleeping through the night but they are cute, scooting, rolling, eating apple sauce & squash and all ours. :) Their baby cousin, Emma, still out-weighs them by at least a pound.

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