November 7, 2014

Another Sub Day

It was another subbing day. I quite enjoy taking Clint's classes, especially on days when it's mostly marching band kids. Which is every day. It'd be nice if we could do this a few days a month. Getting out is so nice and doing it in a way that makes money instead if spending it is even better!  Craig stayed home to take Sophie to preschool and swap kids & cars about 10:15 when there's a prep and lunch break. I came home, fed the babies, started laundry, dishes, baby stuff, made lunch, picked up Sophie from preschool and got everyone settled at home before heading back to finish the day. Came home, discussed the baby shower, fed babies, got them settled for naps, read with Sophie, made an important phone call, and took. a. nap. It wasn't long and did require encouraging Sophie to play a reading game but it happened. It's now 6:15 and we're all snuggled in my bed. The laundry isn't done, dishes aren't done, my bathroom didn't get cleaned today and dinner is in the fridge. No guilt at all. Best of all: babies will want to eat soon which means I may get another hour lounge feeding in bed. Bring on the HGTV!

Tomorrow is a much-anticipated UCGC directors meeting and clinic. I'm excited about the clinic and our season. It's already going well! :-D

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