February 26, 2012

March Goals

If I don't write my goals down, how am I supposed to know if I've remembered to do everything? The major ones for March go something like this:

  • Fully deep clean and detail my car (I'd even like to find a carpet shampoo machine to use)
  • Cleaning, organizing and getting the sewing/craft room set up for efficient use
  • Clean and reorganize the basement to be more Sophie-friendly so we can actually use the Wii and tv
  • Finish the chair rail in the family room myself since someone else isn't interested in doing it 
  • Reorganize my dresser drawers
  • Make a cute spring-y wreath for the front door
  • Work on Sophie's room (pictures on the wall, reading corner) 
  • Deep clean the hall bathroom for Sophie use
  • Re-caulk our bathtub
  • Get the carpets in the house cleaned
  • Do something fun by myself or with friends that has nothing to do with housework, child care, being a mom or wife. You know, stuff that I enjoyed pre-Craig & Sophie. 

February 23, 2012

Note to self...

When dancing in the family room to songs that scream "write guard work to me!", it might be a good idea to make sure your toddler is otherwise engaged. I turned around at one point to see Sophie in her toy corner twirling around then sitting on her bum and putting her feet in the air. Yes, Sophie, dancing IS fun!

February 19, 2012

Thank you, Pinterest!

Believe it or not, that silly little site has actually motivated me to do some productive things! Just Friday I saw a simple idea for a small "emergency box" for the car. The example kit had a mini water bottle, a couple snacks, a pack of gum, wipes and a plastic trash bag. It was also covered in fabric scraps. I don't think my bucket would take kindly to a glue gun. We all know there are things you should keep in your car all the time such as jumper cables, at least one blanket and an emergency bite of chocolate but this goes beyond that. I put one of my own together with things that I would need in the car, that I normally have in the car (or diaper bag) but would be less than good to not have when needed. Here is what I put in my kit:

  • An empty, washed dish detergent plastic bucket with a snap lid
  • 2 juice boxes
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 small towel
  • 2 diapers
  • 3 packs of fruit snacks
  • 4 high-protein granola bars
  • 3 grocery/trash bags
  • 3 lady items
  • A pack of clear hair bands
  • Tylenol
  • Lotion
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • The black thing with glow tape is my car first aid kit. I just brought it in to check it. 
Items to add later: 
  • Emergency cash
  • The mini important information book that hasn't been finished yet
  • An old, non-contracted, fully charged cell phone for emergency calls

It all fits and the lid snaps on nicely! 

February 17, 2012

What to do...

...when there is nothing better to do on a date night: hang out with Pinterest and dream of things like the perfectly organized pantry (complete with matching reusable containers), craft/sewing room, master suite and all of the clothing items I'd love to sew but can't until I have a safe place -aka somewhere "Sophie-proof"- to sew.

Happy Friday!

February 4, 2012

What To Do When You Can't Do Anything

Ever been in position of influence but not quite enough influence? Seen a boss or other "upper" doing something really stupid and potentially detrimental to the group you work with and not really have a way to do anything about it? (Other than vent to a non-involved third party who sadly also has no answers.) Ever find yourself wanting to "face-palm" or hit your head against the nearest wall in frustration when you repeatedly- blatantly and not-so-blatantly- suggest other ways to try to do things? Do failures and repeat reprimands from others involved in the venture only encourage further stupidity on the part of the boss/upper to the point that you hope your name & reputation are not associated?


The best suggestion I've gotten so far involves a paper ring calendar. The kind that you can take a loop off each day, marking the days until the issue is no longer an issue. I think we might have enough paper in the house to make that many loops...


Big. Juicy. Cheesy. Warm. Delicious. Lasagna.