July 18, 2010

Pizza, pizza!

The Nasson family has a tradition. It's called Friday Family Fun Night. On Friday Family Fun Night, we do something fun. Something like eating pizza. Where my family lives in Connecticut, there aren't any chain or 'fast food' type pizza places and if you want to go out for pizza you go somewhere like Bertucci's. (Great. Now this pregnant gal is craving Bertucci's rolls!) Since Bertucci's is a very rare treat, my family instead either makes homemade pizza or embellish frozen pizzas with things such as grilled chicken, fresh chopped veggies, basil & sliced tomatoes from the garden, fresh mozzarella- really, anything. One of my brothers enjoys death by meat. It's Friday Family Fun Night and really, (almost) anything goes.

               Living in a college town in Utah, we're surrounded by tons of pizza places. Everything from Brick Oven to laid back buffets to $5 pizzas can be found within a 2 mile radius of our house. Yummy treat? Once in a while. Healthy? Absolutely not. I recently had a desire to start my own version of Nasson Friday Family Fun Night. This past Friday I decided to go for it. I made some pizza dough from scratch (easy, yummy and less than buying a pre-made one at the grocery store), topped it with half bbq half tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, sliced tomatoes and basil, chives and rosemary from our garden. I received rave reviews from Craig and Grandpa Merrill (thankfully!) and now we have a little tradition of our own: Friday something and pizza and something night. New name to come!
(Included are a few pictures from the process. I'd be happy to share the dough recipe!)

July 13, 2010


Surprise! Craig and I are expecting an addition to our little family this winter! While it might seem like we've been sneaky keeping this a secret from everyone for the past 20 weeks...we have been.  With this little one being my first, I've been a bit apprehensive about things. Compliments of the reading I've been doing, I have learned about all sorts of things to be concerned about. Neural tube defects, missing limbs, partial heart development, missing brain sections, club feet... you name it, I'm sure I've read about it. As a result, I've been hesitant to make a mass announcement, just in case.
     However, this morning Craig and I went for my 20 week ultrasound and all is well! Our sweet little baby has fingers, toes, arms, legs, a darling behind and a very cute little head! As the really nice ultrasound lady was going around doing all of the medical checks (routine before finding out gender), Craig and I noticed a little something by our little ones' legs. Or, I should say a "lack of" a little something. That's right! We're having a baby girl! We're still talking about names, but for some strange reason, it feels so much more "real" now that I have pictures to back up what I've been feeling.
Stay tuned- many more posts specific to the pregnant life and continuing development of our little "sweet pea" to come!