April 18, 2009

My Attempt at Some Artistic Pictures...

I have tried for two hours to make the formatting work. I give up. Only a few captions with these pictures!  

For the two pictures on the bottom: 

(First tree picture) This is  actually Andrew waiting for Craig to come. He was kind enough to drive us to the ward closing social which was, of course, a formal dinner and dance! Complete with twinkle lights, real danceable music, proper gentlemen and dance cards, it was a fantastic evening.

(Second tree picture) Andrew had a lot of energy after rest time. It's no wonder he was climbing trees before and that he was the first to get his dance card filled (without any adult help!) before any other gentleman there. 

Here we find Andrew by the MOA Pond...                                              




  Mom's favorite (I think?) All-Natural Andrew

Just Andrew





My favorite littlest brother!

Andrew Charles came to visit again! Twice within 8 months he and my parents were able to come for a little visit. So naturally I had to take advantage of the opportunity and use Andrew as a photography subject! This worked really well until he fell in the pond...

Lesson learned: don't take a 6 year old
 for photos near water right before attending a concert.

With this visit there was an added bonus (other than wet footsies!): a new baby! That's right. Erin had her second son, David Grant Robinson. He was 7 pounds 14 ounces and is an absolutely perfect little angel!

(Left) Andrew at Ballroom in Concert
(Above) Grandma Kyne with brand new baby David Grant

Andrew in the Nelke Booth being a sound engineer.