August 30, 2011

Oooh my Sophie...

I can't even go to the bathroom without Sophie getting in to things/trouble. 
  • Have taken her off the stairs three times in the last 30 minutes...
  • ..... Put chairs at the bottom of the stairs
  • 5 minutes later, found Sophie climbing up the OUTSIDE of the stairs
  • ..... Moved laundry basket in front of the bottom of the outside of the stairs
  • Went to the bathroom and came out to find Sophie and Herkimer sharing a bowl of cat food soup
  • ..... Used the last kitchen chair and tall stool around cat food factory
  • Sophie is now napping and I'm sitting in the middle of a sea of toys and sideways chairs. Must be time to get ready for my last first day of class! 
Below you will find a little video of how Sophie likes to spend her evening. Likely for serious Sophie fans only. (Poor kitty!)

 Filmed on the iPad... Craig is still learning. 
Special thanks to Emily for kindly donating the bag- an endless source of Sophie-Herkimer fun. 

August 12, 2011

A teeny tiny post

Just an update to say we're all still alive. Somehow. We've been visiting my grandparents in the Seattle/Tacoma area for the last week and there wasn't really any good internet (aside from my mom's iPhone- which she didn't end up seeing much of) and we were too busy to worry about blogging. Sophie and I are at the McCarren airport right now waiting to board. A few thoughts about traveling:

  • Damn the man
  • Damn the TSA
  • I dare you (TSA) to require me to do anything I don't want to do- including going through the body imaging. Yes, I'm one of "those" who hates them both on a moral side as well as pure logic and safety. Guess what? Not a single 'agent' had a radiation badge on. Dumbbums. 
  • We're ready to be home.